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Ryan White Services

If you or a loved one is living with HIV/AIDS, you understand how challenging it can be to get the mental health support tailored to your unique circumstances. Canopy's Ryan White Mental Health Services are a great place to begin.  Email us or contact your Ryan White Case Worker to  learn more. 

Support Services

The Ryan White Peer Support Program is available to anyone living with HIV in North Dakota. When you join the Ryan White Peer Support Program, you will be paired with a Peer Support Navigator with similar lived experiences. Peer Support Navigators are not trained clinicians, rather they are people living with HIV who have learned to navigate many difficult situations and/or complicated systems and are willing to share their tips and tricks and/or simply provide a listening ear. 

Peer Support

Canopy’s Peer Navigation Support groups are held via Zoom and facilitated by people living with HIV/AIDS and/or people who have lived experiences with HIV/AIDS. Participants can join groups via phone or online. Groups topics will vary from guest speakers – professionals such as doctors, dieticians, therapists, etc., share their expertise to an open format where people can discuss issues most relevant to them. 

Group Support

Mental Health Services

Canopy Medical offers individual therapy to Ryan White Clients. Our therapists specialize in working with individuals living with HIV, and are Sex Positive, Gender-Affirming and friendly to alternative lifestyles. 



Canopy Medical medical providers offer medication management for Ryan White Clients. We can prescribe medications for depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia and ADHD.  If you need more specialized medications, we can refer you to mental health specialists. 


Case Managers, Social Workers and other medical providers can refer Ryan White Clients to our facility for peer support, group support, therapy or medication management. 

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