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Peer Navigation Program Manager

Who We Are:

Canopy Medical Clinic strives to be a radically inclusive, affirming, and sex positive clinic. Since opening our doors in early 2020, we’ve welcomed patients who are seeking an inclusive and welcoming medical facility. We specialize in Sexual Health and LBGTQIA+ Health. We are an affirming practice and welcome all LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies.


We strive to provide the best care possible, especially to individuals with historically marginalized identities or who may be treated poorly in healthcare. This includes women, LBGTQIA+ individuals, and people seeking mental health treatment. Canopy Medical Clinic’s staff has the responsibility to educate themselves about their own biases towards those of different races, creeds, identities, cultures, mental abilities, sexual and/or gender orientations, HIV status, physical abilities, etc, and then to seek out education and consultation to prevent biases from interfering with our patients’ healthcare needs. We are committed to being a leader in affirming healthcare practices. We provide educational and training opportunities to organizations within our community to help spread awareness and information regarding LBGTQIA+ healthcare barriers and current best practices.


Canopy’s Peer Navigation Program services are designed to support our neighbors and community members living with HIV. We provide numerous mental health services for clients living with HIV, including medical care, individual therapy, support groups and peer navigation services.


Peer Navigation Program Manager:


This position will advance Canopy’s mission of providing psychosocial services to residents of North Dakota living with HIV. This position will report to Kara Gloe, Canopy’s Director of Mental Health Services. This position will maintain the highly collaborative team structure the Canopy Peer Navigation Program was founded upon, work in collaboration with Canopy’s staff, the ND Ryan White Program, MN Ryan White Program, and other local, regional, and state organizations to help bridge gaps in mental health services, support services and educational services for North Dakota residents.


Initially, this position will focus primarily on the administrative work of supporting the current program. Long-term, there is much opportunity for the person holding this position to change and grow the position in line with the change and growth of the program, under the direction of the Director of Mental Health Services.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage referrals Canopy receives from the Ryan White program, including, making initial phone calls, scheduling initial appointments, providing information about the Peer Navigation Program, etc. Manage ROIs, referrals, and other paperwork needed to maintain the Mental Health Services Program.

  • Supervise peer navigators, including finding and providing training when necessary/appropriate under the direction of the Director of Mental Health Services.

  • Plan and manage online and in-person HIV support groups, including support groups for people living with HIV and support groups for family members of people living with HIV.

  • Outreach - including, speaking and/or tabling at community/regional events; developing relationships with local/state/tribal governments, healthcare providers, community organizations, and other potential partners throughout the state to increase referrals; etc.

  • Brainstorm, provide input, and execute expansion of Psychosocial Services. Research and provide input for the diversification of funding sources, including potential grant funding, under the direction of the Director of Mental Health Services.

  • Peer Navigation Program marketing -- including scheduling social media posts and sending event invites.

  • Program Research - including best practices for peer navigation, mental health, and medication management services, etc. Contribute to Peer Navigator Policy Manual.

  • Maintain flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients.

  • Embrace cultural humility in all interactions with Canopy’s patients, clients, and community partnerships.

  • Strong adherence to all patient privacy laws in health care settings and the community.

  • Other duties as assigned in line with the growth and needs of the program, as well as routine office duties typical of an office work environment.



  • Strong communication skills from a non-judgmental perspective, including the ability to communicate with colleagues, community partners and clients with respect and compassion.

  • Ability to work independently.

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Interest/Passion in social justice/reproductive justice. Recognize ways in which race, gender identity, sexual orientation and other identities intersect and affect overall health.

  • Reliable transportation to attend community meetings and outreach events.

  • Familiar with Microsoft Office Products, including Outlook, Word, Teams, etc..

  • Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in related field. Experience working in healthcare, social work, or other areas public/social health.


Working Conditions/Benefits:

  • Training/Orientation at our Fargo office. Possible opportunity to work remotely in the future, occasional travel.

  • Approx 36-40 hours per week, flexible schedule

  • Salaried Position: $60,000 – 70,000 per year, depending on experience.

  • Monthly health insurance stipend, if needed

  • 11 paid holidays per year

  • 15 days PTO per year

Canopy Medical Clinic is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to building and maintaining a diverse staff that is representative of the communities we serve and live in. People of color, LGBTQ-identified individuals, and people from the local community are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply, send resume and cover letter to

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