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Birth Control

With so many birth control options available, it can be difficult to determine the type that’s best for you. Canopy Medical Clinic provides birth control counseling to help you choose the best type for your lifestyle. Call today or use the online tool to book an appointment.

Birth Control

Find a method that fits your life. We can help. 

Plan B is currently available for FREE at the front desk. No appointment necessary. Just stop in and ask for a Plan B!

What are the types of birth control?


Birth control works in several different ways and there are numerous options available:

  • Hormonal contraception, including the pill, vaginal ring, and Depo-Provera shot

  • Barrier methods, including condoms and diaphragms

  • Natural methods, including the rhythm method and pulling out

  • Long-acting contraception, including intrauterine devices (IUDs) and the Nexplanon® implant

  • Phexxi vaginal gel

  • Permanent contraception, including tubal ligation

  • Emergency contraception, including Plan B

Condoms are the only type of birth control that help prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Certain hormonal birth control can help alleviate heavy periods and other gynecological problems.

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