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Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Updated: Jan 7

Michaela Swanston, RN

My main goal for clients is to increase and maintain health – mentally and physically. Establishing some sort of balance is key for many people and knowing where to start can seem daunting. Assisting with those first steps and supporting clients through their journey to becoming healthier is a passion of mine.

- How nutrition coaching can be beneficial –

My aim is to assist clients to have a healthy relationship with food while also helping them achieve their specific goals (muscle gain, weight loss, maintenance, general health, etc.). Food groups are not cut out of one’s diet and I do not expect perfection when it comes to nutrition. I hope to help establish balance for my clients. The member's whole life and goals are considered - if they workout, have a family, want to focus on something small or make large changes. Short- and long-term goals are discussed, and I offer support with making/starting habits to achieve those goals.

CrossFit Benefits - 

CrossFit can seem very intimidating, but after making that first step - whether it be walking in the doors or making that first inquiry, it is incredibly empowering. Moving in ways we did not think possible or completing a workout is the best feeling. Confidence is boosted and having a sense of community (along with all the health positives) are incredible benefits that I feel happen with CrossFit. The mentality (welcoming/nonjudgmental/encouraging attitudes) of our members, movements associated, and style of workouts can benefit people of all ages/sizes/abilities.

While CrossFit Fargo is a big part of my life, how I train, and how I train others; I want potential clients to understand that training can be extremely varied depending on the person. Personal training is exactly that – PERSONAL. Movements and workouts are decided based on one’s abilities and goals. I completely understand that if one is just starting out or is scared/intimidated to try personal training or CrossFit, that they would shy away from even beginning – but I want to assure those individuals that it is just that first step that is scary – the rest of the journey is amazing! Whether you want to try CrossFit, any form of personal training, and/or nutrition coaching – I would love to help you on your journey.

- Common issues that diet and exercise can help –

Mental/psychological issues such as poor confidence/self-esteem, depression, anxiety, etc. can be alleviated in some capacity if not completely. Diet and exercise can assist with certain types of chronic pain and insomnia. Medically - people can benefit from diet and exercise profoundly- stabilizing blood sugar and hormones, weight loss if needed, increasing stability/muscle/bone strength, and the list goes on. 

Michaela is a Registered Nurse, certified nutrition coach and personal trainer.

Services Available at Canopy Medical include: personalized nutritional coaching, general exams and labs to rule out underlying causes of health concerns, and medical weight loss management. 

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