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Jason Grueneich,
Peer Support Specialist

Currently Jason works as an HIV Peer Navigator with Canopy Medical Health Clinic. Additionally, he works in other positions and is active within the recovery community.

Jason has extensive experience supporting people one-on-one, including those struggling with alcohol and drug dependence and people living with HIV.


Jason offers HIV Peer Navigation services. He understands how connections play a crucial role in building community by lifting up those living with HIV to shine bright and live! Jason helps others navigate the vast community services system in North Dakota. He deeply appreciates the importance of protecting and honoring those living with HIV, by advocating for ways to broaden access to, improve, and safeguard the benefits that continue to help them grow.

Jason is grateful to serve the HIV community. As a person living with HIV for the last 20 years, he understands that building community is vital to improving the lives of those living with HIV. If you’re looking for help, Jason is a champion for getting you connected!

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