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Faye Seidler,
LGBTQ+ Peer Support Specialist

Faye Seidler is a community organizer, queer cultural competency trainer, and award winning activist.  She has spent the last six years working to develop resources for LGBTQ+ individuals within North DakotaAs a queer and transgender woman, she understands the unique issues facing queer individuals as they pursue healthcare. She specializes in resources for transgender individuals to find support groups, ability to change legal name, or other concerns that can come up as part of transition. While life for queer individuals can have many challenges, if she doesn't have answers for you, she will find someone who does.  

Faye offers LGBTQ+ Peer Support  and can provide referrals and information about local and regional opportunities and resources. Faye can also meet with you 1:1 at our clinic in Fargo or over telehealth to provide more in-depth support for individuals who are transitioning. There is no cost to meet with Faye. For more information, email Faye at

Faye offers organizational trainings and consulting services to help increase awareness of the unique struggles that queer individuals face and how those struggles will impact services. Find more info at her website.



  • Community Resources

  • Peer Support

  • Suicide Prevention


  • QPR Gatekeeper

  • Mental Health First Aid

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