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HIV Peer Navigator

Who We Are

Canopy Medical Clinic strives to be a radically inclusive, affirming, and sex positive clinic. Since opening our doors in early 2020, we’ve welcomed patients who are seeking an inclusive and welcoming medical facility. We specialize in Sexual Health and LBGTQIA+ Health. We are an affirming practice and welcome all LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies. 

We strive to provide the best care possible, especially to individuals with historically marginalized identities or who may be treated poorly in healthcare. This includes women, LBGTQIA+ individuals, and people seeking mental health treatment. Canopy Medical Clinic’s staff has the responsibility to educate themselves about their own biases towards those of different races, creeds, identities, cultures, mental abilities, sexual and/or gender orientations, HIV status, physical abilities, etc., and then to seek out education and consultation to prevent biases from interfering with our patients’ healthcare needs. We are committed to being a leader in affirming healthcare practices. We provide educational and training opportunities to organizations within our community to help spread awareness and information regarding LBGTQIA+ healthcare barriers and current best practices.


Canopy’s Peer Navigation Program services are designed to support our neighbors and community members living with HIV. We provide numerous mental health services for clients living with HIV, including medical care, individual therapy, support groups and peer navigation services.


Opening: HIV Peer Navigator

We are seeking a part-time HIV Peer Navigator (hours vary) to provide support to folks living with HIV/AIDS enrolled in the Canopy Peer Navigation Program. Peer Navigators are people living with or who have lived experience with HIV/AIDS who are successful in maintaining medication compliance.


Peer Navigation is a flexible approach to building healing relationships among equals, based on a core set of values and principles. Peer Navigators’ goals include; serving as role models for living and thriving with HIV/AIDS, providing hope to those they serve, and sharing strategies for overcoming the challenges of living with HIV/AIDS. Peer Navigators have the unique opportunity to share what they have learned about living with HIV/AIDS in North Dakota and help others move more quickly from focusing on the management of a chronic disease, to living a quality life. Peer Navigators do not replace doctors, therapists, case workers, etc. Rather, Peer Navigators enhance Peers’ experiences by offering a person-centered approach with personal connections to people with whom Peers can relate on a personal level. Peer Navigators inspire Peers through their lived example and empathetic connections.


Canopy Peer Navigators report to the Director of Mental Health Services.

Peer Navigator Responsibilities

  • Comply with all federal and state-wide confidentiality statutes and regulations, including HIPPA.

  • Adhere to and clearly articulate the mission of the Canopy Peer Navigation Program.

  • Provide Individual support to assigned Peers with the specified goal of improving independence, self-reliance, and self-determination by providing trauma informed care. Initiate and sustain at least quarterly contact with Peers – more if requested by Peer.

  • Host monthly group support meetings on a rotating basis.

  • Attend all team and individual support meetings, provide input, and help shape the evolution of the program.

  • Establish and maintain health boundaries with Peers.

  • Maintain appropriate and timely record keeping.

  • Complete all required training.

  • Refer, link, and engage Peers to appropriate support services.

  • Address barriers to initiating services.

  • Liaise with healthcare and other social service providers as needed.        

  • Promote treatment adherence.

  • Provide guidance and emotional support.

  • Provide education to Peers, as appropriate.

  • Negotiate safer-sex and drug use harm reduction practices.

  • Maintain frequent and open communication with the Director of Mental health Services.

  • Interact with community members in a way that supports cooperation among agencies and the wellness of Peers.



  • Life experience with HIV/AIDS

  • Commitment to and ability to articulate the vision and mission of the Canopy Peer Navigation program

  • Ability to work with diverse populations of people

  • Strong communication

  • Ability to advocate for oneself and others

  • Knowledgeable regarding treatment adherence.

  • Collaborative work style

  • Self-directed

  • Positive attitude

  • Strong communication skills – including being able to communicate non-judgmentally and with cultural humility with Peers, colleagues, and community partners when problems arise

  • Ability to work independently

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Passion for reproductive justice and social justice

  • Possess an understanding of the ways in which race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other identities intersect, affecting health and causing healthcare disparities

  • Familiar with Microsoft Office products

  • Experience working in customer care, preferred



Work Environment
Hours vary and are determined per agreements between the Peer Navigator and their Peers, based on Peer need. Approx 4-10 hours per month. Must have availability on evenings and weekends. We are a supportive and affirming medical center and pride ourselves on having a collaborative environment which emphasizes respect for our teammates.



As a new employee, required training includes instruction and education on the Canopy Peer Navigation Program, Peer Navigation, North Dakota Ryan White program, and HIPAA and patient confidentiality.


Salary and Benefits

Salary and Compensation: $50.00/hr

  • Opportunities to attend conferences and training regarding serving folks living with HIV, mental health, etc. with travel/conference fees covered by clinic.

Canopy Medical Clinic is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to building and maintaining a diverse staff that is representative of the communities we serve and live in. People of color, LGBTQ-identified individuals, and people from the local community are strongly encouraged to apply.


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