Training Time Date Completed Emplopee Sig Supervisor Sig
Emergency Contact Form        
Direct Deposit Form        
Health Insurance Form (if needed)        
HIPPA Form         
HIPPA Training 35 minutes      
Blood Born Pathogen Training        
Emergency/First Aid        
Fire Safety (locating fire extinguishers)        
Review Canopy Medical Clinic Policy and Procedure Manual        
Review Canopy Medical Clinic Intake Forms        
Email hechola@canopymedicalclinic.com a biography for our website and a picture for our website        
Ryan White/HIV Training        
Review North Dakota Ryan White Manual        
Review Canopy Medical Clinic Peer Support Manual        
Meet with Peer Navigators during a monthly call        
ND DoH HIV 101 Presentation 35 minutes      
ND DoH Town Hall  45 minutes      
Review ND DoH Ryan White website        
Sign up for account on eHealthHIV and complete the following modules: 1, 3, 5 3 Hours      
 Mental Health Training Module